25nov 16

Partners sign cooperation agreement

Wednesday 23 November the MIRG-EX project held its final conference in Bruges, Belgium. During the conference the audience was drawn into the world of maritime safety. The project partners explained the concept…

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07nov 16

23 November Final Conference in Bruges

On 11 and 12 October we held a successful exercise on board a large passenger ferry. As MIRG-EX project we would like to share our knowledge and experiences of the exercise. We will…

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11okt 16

Full Scale Exercise has started

11 October 2016 - This morning the MIRG-EX Full Scale Exercise has started. A fire is discovered on board a cruise ferry navigating the North Sea, close to the Belgian…

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28sep 16

French MIRG trains in the Netherlands

This week the French MIRG did a ship-to-ship training on the Western Scheldt river near Vlissingen (NL). The team trained on transferring both men and equipment.        …

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26aug 16

Getting ready

The Irish Ferries’ cruise ferry Oscar Wilde will be our scene of operations during the MIRG-EX Full Scale Exercise. The "Oscar Wilde" normally sails between Rosslare in Ireland and a…

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25mei 16

Command Post Exercise

In Oostende (Belgium) partners from the MIRG-EX project gathered for the project's Command Post Exercise. This table top exercise prepared the partners for the Full Scale Exercise to be held…

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8 and 9 March 2016
Table Top Exercise France

25 May 2016
Command Post Exercise

11 and 12 October 2016
Full Scale Exercise

23 November 2016
MIRG-EX Conference



The Interreg IVA MIRG-EU project brought together fire fighter teams from Kent (UK), Pas de Calais (FR), Ghent, Antwerp and Beveren (BE) and Zeeland (NL). All partners set up their MIRG, developed standard operational procedures and acquired compatible equipment.

By doing a large scale exercise, the teams have demonstrated they are ready to operate at sea, to contain on-board incidents, that they can assist one another and take over operations when necessary.

In MIRG-EU the teams will take the next step: working according to the European Civil Protection mechanism.