Getting ready

20160524_141837-2The Irish Ferries’ cruise ferry Oscar Wilde will be our scene of operations during the MIRG-EX Full Scale Exercise. The “Oscar Wilde” normally sails between Rosslare in Ireland and a few ports in France. She will come to Zeebrugge especially for MIRG-EX in October this year. The ship measures a 166 meters, has ten decks and can carry over 1400 passengers and about 700 cars. It is the ideal setting for a MIRG willing to exercise in a complex situation: narrow passages, long distances and many passengers on board.

Representatives of the MIRG-EX project made a first visit to the ship. We are now fine tuning the exercise scenario in order to test both the skill of MIRGs and the communication lines between the ship’s crew, the national coordination centers on shore and the ERCC in Brussels.