name: Steve Demetriou
organisation: Kent Fire and Rescue Service
function: Director of Operational Policy and Resilience
MIRG-EU role: Lead officer for the UK partner

Steve has worked for KFRS for 28 years and is responsible for the production of all operational procedures, operational training and procurement of operational equipment for Kent’s firefighters. Steve is also chair of the Kent Resilience Forum Executive Group which coordinates all Kent emergency services and local authorities in the planning for major disasters. He is also the UK Lead Officer for marine firefighting and brings a wealth of operational experience in the maritime environmment to this project.

As the Lead Officer for the UK partner, Steve will oversee the production of the operational manual and large scale exercise as key elements of the MIRG EU project.

Steve would like to eventually introduce an EU marine response capability which could involve all coastal Member States and firmly believes that the sharing of operational experiences and knowledge between EU partners will make all communities safer and more resilient in the future.