The Federal Centre of Expertise for Civil Security (KCCE) contributes to public safety by providing a high level of know-how and quality results.The KCCE was created to meet the needs of the professionals in Civil Security. The original statutory text regarding Civil Security goes indeed back to 1963, so the legislation had to be adapted to the constant changes in our society.

It is within the framework of this reform that the Federal Centre of Expertise for Civil Security was formally established on 10 June 2008 with the aim of providing all the operational expertise necessary to the materialization of a better integration of the rescue services in the field.

Its missions

The KCCE’s main objective is to become THE operational benchmark for rescue services. To achieve this, its tasks are the following:

drawing up technical guidelines and operational procedures for the rescue zones (SOP);
training the staff belonging to the Civil Security’s operational services;
gathering and analyzing statistical data related to the rescue zones;
assessing incidents in order to draw lessons and experience from them;
developing a documentation centre on Civil Security;
developing expertise and know-how in the Civil Security’s different operational services;
the completion or the commissioning of studies directed towards improving the quality of operational Civil Security;
issuing the Minister with strategic advice, at his/her request or on one’s own initiative;
disseminating knowledge and providing information necessary for professionals in the field of Civil Security;
developing a network of expertise;
collaborating in Civil Security-related research and studies carried out by other public institutions;
supporting the dispatched rescue services by providing information and expertise.