MIRG Zeeland gets into action

On Thursday 19 January the Zeeland MIRG was alarmed: a fire in the engine room of the Argo, sailing on the Westerschelde river (NL), was discovered. The Argo is 67-meter long inland ship, at that time shipping stones.

After discovery of the fire, the captain informs the coast guard and the coast guard calls for MIRG assistance. Soon the Zeeland MIRG team members assemble in the holding area and are briefed by the Operational Commander. The teams pack the loading bags and get ready for transport. A COBRA system is also deployed. In the meantime the team stays informed via the coastguard and Westerschelde traffic support. When the team arrives, the ship has just moored to a jetty in the Zeeland Seaport area. The fire has already died out by itself. The team checks the ship to make sure all is safe and returns to their base. Back in Vlissingen the operation is evaluated: the procedures went well and the team showed MIRG Zeeland is ready for action.