Matt Deadman

name: Matt Deadman
organisation: Kent Fire and Rescue Service
function: Special Risks Manager
MIRG-EU Role: Manager of Kent MIRG Team

Matt has been working for Kent Fire and Rescue since 2004 and is responsible for managing high risk sites within Kent. This involves working with partner agencies and site operators to develop, test and maintain emergency plans. Matt sits on the Kent Resilience Forum’s Risk Assessment Group as the representative for KFRS, leading on the assessment of risks in the County including hazardous materials incidents and incidents involving industry.

Matt also manages the Kent MIRG team and is keen to learn from partners involved in the project in order to improve the operational response, capability and resilience for marine incidents within Kent and at sea.

Currently Matt is undertaking a Masters degree, looking at information sharing between partner agencies and would like to use this work to develop the information sharing relationship between fire services across the EU.