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First training session new MIRG-teams

The first week of June the first new Belgian MIRG-team started its training. Place of handling: the simulator of the Calais fire service. The programme focused on the embarkation procedure. The procedures were explained one step at a time, both in theory and in practice. The exercises were built up during the week, repeating all the steps gone through so far and adding the new one at the end. The training ended with a larger exercise where the men had to fight a real on board fire.

Mike Eyckmans was one of the participants. ‘We’ve had a very pleasant week. Men from the three different Belgian fire services, from Antwerp, Beveren and Ghent, came together for the first time in this MIRG team. It seemed though as if we had worked together for years! The exercises went really well. The course as a whole was absolutly interesting and instructive. A promising start of the  ETE-programme and the Belgian MIRG team!’

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