MIRG EU Large Scale Exercise

One of the objectives of the MIRG EU Project is to deliver a large scale exercise to demonstrate the progress and achievements of the Group which is scheduled to take place in June 2014 using a vessel located ‘at sea’.

Aims and objectives

The exercise has clearly defined aims and objectives which are: test the compliance of each partner with the MIRG EU SOP’s for Tasking, Deployment & Transportation, Nominal Roll, Communications and ICS. Test the strategic, tactical and operational level of cooperation between partners responding to a fire on a vessel at sea. Deploy teams from each partner state onto a vessel at sea. And  carry out a formal debrief for all partners to share areas of best practice and capture lessons learned.

The exercise will be delivered as one continuous event consisting of a number of modules giving each partner the opportunity to satisfy the required aims & objectives. As each Partner assumes command of the exercise a new scenario will be introduced for them to deal with. As part of the build-up to the exercise each partner will have to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their local tasking arrangements and also the agreed EU MIRG Incident Command System.