October 2, the GUARDEX 2012 exercise was held. This execise was developed to simulate dealing with a marine emergency occurring in the London Array area. The exercise was multi-agency and multi-national with bodies from France, Belgium, Denmark and Finland. GUARDEX 2012 fell to the responsibility of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, specifically HM Coastguard.

In the scenario, a small cruise liner (THV Patricia) transiting close to the London Array wind farm was in collision with an accommodation ship (Wind Ambition), which was at anchor off the wind farm. This results was a fire on board both vessels. The Patricia lost power and collided with some wind turbines. Some passengers and crew from the cruise liner were missing presumed overboard and there were some casualties on board the accommodation ship. A number of engineers working on the wind turbines had sustained injuries and were evacuated by helicopter and lifeboat as appropriate.